"Gaitanaki" started its journey in the magical world of toys in the distant 1985. Initially it was a small shop that offered a fairytale atmosphere with special toys and gifts. Over time, other "Gaitanaki stores " were created, and currently there are a total of 10 stores throughout Greece.

Our collection numbers more than 15,000 exclusively European codes. They are all selected one by one with the aim of offering quality toys and unforgettable gifts.

The choice of toys is made with the main purpose of getting children in the process of thinking, imagining, creating, discovering, sharpening their senses and always requiring their active participation. The gifts are selected to give you the opportunity to give your loved ones something special and special.

Special emphasis in the selection of toys is also given to their ecological and educational character, which in addition to protecting the environment, develop the child's environmental consciousness, contributing to its wider education and awareness.

The element of our differentiation is that in addition to the main body of products that you can find all year round, our space changes image and atmosphere at any time of year. There are many seasonal items such as preschool items (bags, etc.), Christmas decorations-decorations and gifts, carnival costumes, Easter candles and eggs, children's room decoration etc.

As you understand gaitanaki.gr is not an impersonal e-shop. Through gaitanaki.gr we offer friendly, personal service and help to each of our customers. We answer every question immediately and personally, we always try to find what you need even if it is not immediately available. We are specific people who can introduce you to us and get to know us.


Tax Identification Number    EL999112944

TAXES OFFICE                             GLYFADA 


POSTAL CODE                 16561

GEMI                 6146201000