Since 2000, "Gaitanaki" has been expanding in the form of franchise stores. We use our knowledge to help you create your own, special " Gaitanaki store ‘’

By transferring our experience, we give you the opportunity to develop your own business in a safe environment with products tested over time.

Wooden toys, dolls, constructions, unique heroes (Princess Lillifee, Captain Sharky, Felix, Dinosaur Word etc.), children's room furniture, school supplies, carnival costumes, Easter candles and Christmas decorations are just parts of our active 20.000 codes . They are waiting for you to shape them into your own fairytale, unique "Gaitanaki"!

We also provide:

- Free training on how to operate the stores and the sale of products, as well as the possibility of decorating your store.

- Guaranteed product placement for a whole year, to get to know our products better!

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