At this point we describe in simple words the procedure you need to follow to place an order from

At there are over 2,000 codes immediately available and they are appropriately classified into corresponding categories.

In the upper horizontal bar you can be guided in our range by choosing a category.

Whatever you choose you will go to a group of products or categories and at the same time in the left part of the screen will appear in a vertical layout search based on multiple criteria, which makes your navigation easier.

In the oval Search box at the top center of the home page, you can enter the code or description of the items you are interested in and you will be directly found in the products you are looking for. offers you the opportunity to compare products in the same category. To do this you have to click on the "select for comparison" option that exists in each product. When you have selected all the products you want to compare, you must select the "compare" at the bottom of each category view and then a comparison of the default products will be displayed.

The shopping cart is exactly what the shopping cart is in regular stores. You can use the 'Add' button to place any product you are interested in buying, but you can also remove it from the cart with the 'X' button. Just because you have a product in your cart does not mean you have bought it. Follow a short process until it becomes yours. You have the opportunity to see what you have chosen and how much each one costs separately and all together.

When you have finished your selections click on 'Shopping Cart'. If you are already a customer of you should just enter your e-mail and password. If you are a new customer you should give us some of your details by filling out a form.

Final order

When you reach the final composition of your order you must select the delivery address of the order and write any other comments you have about your order.

Then the total cost is calculated and you are asked to choose the payment method.

You can pay

a) by deposit in the bank (NATIONAL BANK, ALPHABANK), the order in this case will be delayed a little because you will have to send us a copy of your payment.


c) cash on delivery (no extra charge)

d) Upon receipt and payment from a Gaitanaki store. (Receipt can be made at least two days after the completion of the order.)

Depending on the payment method you choose, in the next step you are provided with the necessary information to complete the payment.